Tuesday, February 28, 2006
i guess its alright to feel this way,
cause it IS going to happen.
i think it already has.

have i mentioned how hot the guys here can get.

already gone1:18 AM

Thursday, February 16, 2006
!!!! !!!! !!!!
see to make people feel better i made them my valentine so they are valentine-ness. lol.
hahaha right bob?

already gone12:46 AM

Sunday, February 12, 2006


OK OK. not much of a big deal!! hahaha!! haha just so you know i'm doing quite alright in AUSSIE. but to tell you the truth i'm missing you people here like hell. here's some pics.

ok la can pass la. hahaha.
did i mention..
but still nothings good without you guys.
i cant wait to come back to singapore!
well see ya all around!
much love plus a peace out,

already gone3:35 AM

Friday, January 27, 2006
ah, my 3rd day in Aussie land, which seems like eternity long. i felt as though my friends have already drifted far far away, like they dont want to tell me anything anymore, as if shoving a huge bloody sign in my face saying 'oh youre way over there, so might as well forget you, i shouldnt bother youre rather redundant so get the hell outta here' i may be over reacting but i cant take this place, i have no one to talk to, and it seems the only friend is my endless dead shade of pink wall. and yeah, i've got a whole bunch of materialize things from my aunts and uncles, like a shuffle, clothes, bags, money whatever. but somehow i just kept it in all a box, cause it doesnt really matter anymore. i miss my dad, i miss my friends. i didnt know how bloody stupid i am not to tell you how much i loved everyone, but its so sudden. its as though someones counting down my days, and enjoying it. all i have is memories. i dont want memories that i will forget. cause i want the real thing. the next holiday is in april, which is a period of 2 weeks, but by then i guess everyone is busy. where is everyone, when i'm all alone..

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
AH, so this is my second day in perth. very lonely, with no one to talk to, except talking to bob and whatever, calling in to Singapore tonight. Havent begun shopping, but when i do. haha! i'm coming back soon, not to worry. I'm missing you guys, everyday i stare and the scrapbooks and gifts people have given me. But hey, its good walking barefoot around town with no one staring at you. CGIA! hahaha, only a few people knows. I need to get a new bodyguard, bob's far far away. missing SSC, N329, Netballers, Sac 2005 '2/5' and Sac 2006 '3/5'. no worries? i think not.

i still believe it when you say, its another perfect day

already gone11:24 PM

Monday, January 23, 2006
now that i'm gone, would you forget me?
when i come back, will i be someone who was never there?
my life is going to change tomorrow.
never will it be the same,
it feels as though i fell down
and i cant get up.
but at the same time somethings telling me so hard
to get up, but i cant i keep falling
will i stay on the ground, forever?

i love rachael, i love dode, i love nadine, i love dineesha, i love flora, i love vanessa, i love jess, i love debs, i love jan, i love sheryl, i love mel tsang, i love mel jane, i love amanda, i love ashley, i love ameera, i love 3/5, i love N329, i love SSC and i love netballers. i dont know already, i dont even know what i'm doing anymore

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Saturday, January 21, 2006
the flight to perth is at 9, so yeah.

anyway, yesterday after service ( I HAD TO LEAVE HALFWAY!) i wanted to cry because of that, and it was absolutely embarrassing cause i almost tripped on Shaun and some other dude. so i tried to be punctual by actually taking a cab, from EXPO all the way to Outram park! the fare was crap. hahaha. i went to stop at the station, when i realized that i didnt know how to get there. so i called Jonathan ( my lovely 17 year old ass of a cousin) to come pick me up but he didnt want to. so boooo. so i went to wait at the bustop. then i waited and he WALK SO DAMN FAST! and everytime when i run to catch up with him, he walks faster.

so anyway we all went, got into the car. the 2 girls, and Jon were in the car, when i felt something on my hair. THEN on my shoulder. THERE WAS THIS MEGA HUGE GRASSHOPPER! i was screaming and i flicked it to Jonathan ( i knew you were scared la) and he was screaming 'what?!' in the car and there was this huge commotion and everyone was so creeped out. Joy put her legs on mine, and i had to put MY legs on jonathan. like ew. so then we all went to the restaurant and ate. SO CHINESE! we had what, 8 courses? so fun. then after that we went back to the house and watched flight plan. the pilot is seriously stupid. okay yeah.

THEN! me and jonathan went to chinatown! at midnight. haha then we keep on walking around and eating (AGAIN) and we bought loads of stuff. then we got bored, walking around that lame confined space. so we decided to go to ORCHARD! haha at round 1? so we took a cab and we went there and walked, and we ate ice-cream and we walked. then jonathan had this wierd idea of staying at the hotel, and to begin HE WAS ACTUALLY SERIOUS!

haha but then i was talking to edward (BOB!) and he told me to go home so i nicely went home and slept with my outing clothes. then i called bob. hahaha. and we talked and lamed. haha. so thats about it.

already gone5:16 PM


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